Sacramento Solar Company Gets Even Greener With Low Cost Residential Solar Equipment Loans

 The key benefits of the Sacramento “REEL” Residential Solar Finance Program are:

    • Rates between 3.50% and 6.15% (applicable rates apply)


    • Terms available from 60 months (5 years) to 360 months (30 years)


    • Types of financing adjustable and fixed


    • 30 Day Closing or sooner


    • State and Federal Tax Credits Apply


  • Program available for all solar and wind energy equipment and alternative energy producing systems. (Solar, Wind)

 REEL Residential Finance Program is by far the most cost-effective means of capital investment into a solar or wind renewable energy system for northern California homeowners. Think about the “reel” positive benefits such as: changing the way you use energy by creating your own resource of solar or wind energy which counteracts reoccurring utility charges, increase efficiencies within your home while becoming self-sustainable, which will ultimately reduce the consumption of our natural resources; electric, gas, oil, etc. Whether it is the latest in solar, and wind technologies REEL make it possible for your “Visions of green” to become a reality with our “reel” Residential Finance program.

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